International Military

GMS simplifies spares logistics and supply chain management for our customers. By partnering with leading aerospace and defense companies as well as leveraging more than 35 years of market knowledge, GMS is a leader in creating streamlined logistics solutions. We are committed to providing products and services of the highest quality at the best value. In order to maximize the benefits to our customers and our OEM partners, GMS maintains a customized strategic inventory in our warehouse. GMS provides value to our customers by:

  • Managing complete aerospace, defense, and security product logistics
  • Developing the best value pricing structures
  • Delivering products of the highest quality screened through our ISO-certified quality assurance program
  • Customizing packaging and labeling in accordance with our clients’ requirements
  • Offering AOG and ITAR-compliant export licensing services

Creating Solutions for International Military Logistics:
GMS expands our OEM partners’ global marketplace. GMS has over 35 years experience proactively representing, marketing, and distributing products and services to over 45 foreign governments and militaries organizations. GMS simplifies OEMs’ access to international markets by:

  • Utilizing established relationships with international clients
  • Generating new opportunities and staying informed of end users’ requirements by utilizing our network of global agents and representatives
  • Actively representing and marketing products and services through extensive international travel
  • Managing the contract nuances of international customers
  • Bridging OEM and end users’ terms and conditions
  • Handling the administration of export compliance requirements
  • Reducing administrative burden